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The organizers of Drug Checking Day have ask several YouTube contributors to discuss how they feel about drug checking. These contributors were chosen because of similar topics they have addressed in previous videos and the professional manner in which they approach these sensitive subjects. On this page you can learn more about these individuals and see some of their older videos about drug checking. As well as new videos on the subject from each contributor on March 31st 2017.



AVILSD produces content revolving around mind-altering substances, the darknet and its marketplaces, and he shares his personal and crazy stories for both entertainment and so that hopefully others can learn from his mistakes.





The Drug Classroom (TDC) provides straightforward drug education that is free from bias. Drugs are never going to leave society, so it only makes sense to provide real drug education.




PychedSubstances provides accurate education and awareness for the safe use of some very “taboo” practices. These are practices that have no place being taboo any longer. The safety of everyone is more important than keeping this ridiculous stigma around.